The Due to the quality of its products and its flexible production and marketing organisation, in over 30 years Sicam has earned a high place among the main producer of tools and equipment for tyre changer and balancing machines.
Sicam was founded in 1975 and begun its production in one of the first factories in the new industrial area in Correggio, the home of Tyre Changers.
In the same year, Sicam launched the first car Tyre Changer, FALCO F9/20A model, that can be considered as the forerunner of its main range of garage equipments.
That event marked the start of a growing tendency to high quality and technologically advanced equipments. Thanks to a long-growing process characterised by innovative ideas and ambitious projects Sicam has earned relevant market shares both in the domestic market and the international one. At present Sicam exports its equipments to more than 90 countries all over the world.

company establishment
Tyrechanger falco f9

Pursuing a company policy oriented towards technological progress and directed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers, Sicam started Wheel Balancers' production. The first Wheel Balancer, SBM 99 model, entirely produced by Sicam, was introduced in 1989: excellent quality/price ratio.
Sicam brand, thanks to its high quality products, its streamlined production process and an efficient after sales service gain more and more credibility and prestige among garage equipments manufacturing /> A 4.000 square metres Steel Structural Work Division, settled in a separate site near the main factory, was opened in 1998. Thanks to innovative technologies such as welding robot and CNC machines, excellent quality level results were achieved and the production process became more and more efficient.

wheel balancer sicam
carpentry department

In 1998 became part of one of the most important Automotive Group: FACOM Automotive. In 1999 Sicam range of products was enriched with Wheel Aligners equipments: the SA 480 model was launched on the market. The R&D section's exceptional capacity for innovative design has led over time to the development of TOP RANGE machines and equipments: FALCO AF 3000, SBM 780 and the brand new Motorcycle Line.

wheel aligner sicam
tyrechanger falco af3000

motorbike tyrechanger

wheel balancer sbm 780

Current production is over 22.000 machine per year, equal to 13% of the market.
Another important point to be noted is its recent entry into the BOSCH Group (April 2007). A strong and competent partner will give us the chance to improve our after sales service and to strengthen the achieved results.